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The Ultimate Clinical Supplies Checklist

Patients are at the heart of clinical research, yet ensuring their seamless access to trial medications poses significant challenges. From manufacturing to packaging, labeling, and logistics, every step must be meticulously coordinated to meet the dynamic demands of clinical trials.

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) need a thorough grasp of study sponsors' needs to provide tailored solutions. This entails streamlining communication channels, optimizing supply chain management, and upholding stringent standards of quality control throughout the process.

Explore our Clinical Supplies Checklist to discover how to address key considerations such as study details, distribution logistics, manufacturing needs, product specifications, secondary packaging, and drug procurement while meeting reporting requirements.


At Experic, we simplify your access to clinical trial products by:

  • Managing complex logistics seamlessly
  • Ensuring timely delivery of supplies
  • Optimizing your supply chain management
  • Maintaining rigorous quality control standards
  • Meeting all regulatory requirements